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Current Classes



1043 Garland Ave,

San Jose, CA

One block off the Alameda and Race

Please review studio and on-line class policies at here


Mon by Flavia Geist 6


7:00- 8:00 Beginner 1

Technique and Sevillana

This is for beginning flamenco dancers to learn basic technique. We will also incorporate some basic flamenco dance choreography. Flamenco shoes are not required, a hard soled shoe with a small heel may be used or sneakers. A pull-on skirt is recommended knee to ankle length.

Fee: 4 class session 100


Tue by Flavia 


6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

(Closed Class, please contact first.)


Saturday by Hiroko Tabuchi

Saturday, 11/4 ~ 11/18

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

All levels 

Technique and Choreography (Tangos) 

Learn some basic technique and have fun learning some choreographic passages. Absolute beginner welcome. Contact us with any questions. Sign up early!

Fee:3 class session $75

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Mon 7:00pm -8:00pm                        by Flavia($100 for 4 classes)

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Sat 11:00am~12:00pm (All levels)       by Hiroko ($75 for 3 classes )

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Sat 11:00am~12:00pm (All levels)       by Hiroko 11/21 (Drop in $30)

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Minimum number requirements for classes:

All classes will require a minimum number of dancers. If the minimum is not met, the dancers in the course may opt to pay a small increase in fee to continue to hold the class as a semi-private or we may reschedule the course for a later date to meet enrollment.

Saturday class minimum – 3 dancers.

Monday / Tuesday minimum – 2 dancers,

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