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ABOUT  Arte Flamenco de San Jose 

From the start, Arte Flamenco de San José (AFSJ) has been committed to Flamenco education for both the individual and the community.


Diana Alejandre, the first artistic director of Arte Flamenco de San José, began teaching adult classes in 1986. The first student show presented by AFSJ was in 1992, under Diana’s direction. Since then the classes have continued, encompassing from beginner to advanced instruction and all ages. Each year has been highlighted by the ongoing tradition of an annual student show. AFSJ prides itself on building a repertory that highlights the tradition of the art and includes the ongoing influences of the culture today that builds a solid, structured foundation for the students. Classes are now taught by Flavia Geist, the current artistic director of AFSJ, Hiroko Tabuchi, and guest instructor Carola Zertuche. Over the years AFSJ has sponsored flamenco workshops for the community with renowned maestros José Galván and Concha Vargas.\


Committed to the education of flamenco dance and Andalusian culture, AFSJ has participated in the after school programs at McKinley Elementary School, Sherman Oaks Elementary School, and Hellyer Elementary School under the CORAL project. We have provided lecture/demonstrations at Washington Open Elementary, Discovery Charter School, and numerous other elementary through high school settings. In addition to the school settings, AFSJ performs and collaborates with the local community with frequent appearances in festivals and programs such as; San José Museum of Art, the Arts Express Lecture/Demonstration program, the Family Lunadas at the Children’s Discovery Museum, Roundhill Studios Winter Interlude, Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival, and many more events hosted by other non-profit organizations.

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